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SHABB introduces the Siddiqiyyah Summer collection.A representative Summer piece to nurture Muslim youth towards True Excellence. Handcrafted calligraphy artwork designed by ILLM describes seven qualities any conscious Muslim should strive to Excel in.

This one is to invest in our own.

After pondering upon the verses of chapter the Time, Siddiqiyah may be achieved through excelling in 7 personal attributes, having strong faith being #1.

You will die some day

Performing good deeds (#2), as much as you can, is the second essential quality the Siddiq possesses. Seize every opportunity there is for good.

Know, then do.

Doing good requires possessing knowledge (#3) of the things you can do towards the good.

Be kind and tell the truth.

Another key attribute, is that they collaborate towards establishing truth & righteousness (#4), which necessitates good character (#5)

Without unity (#6), we'd be nothing but scattered individuals. Add some leadership skills (#7) to the mix (such as in planning, prioritizing & communicating) and then...

Big things happen.

That's it. Seven qualities to become a well-rounded and excellent Muslim.

The Siddiqiyah Summer Tee supports this type of growth for youth in the Netherlands. Join us.